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Historical Developments in Philosophy Essay - 1189 Words

University of Phoenix Material Philosophy Matrix | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |†¦show more content†¦| |Political |Study of nature structure and | |Totalitarism, Marxism, |Adam Smith, Thomas Hobbes, |Nature of government, legitimacy| | |moral justification of state. | |communism, facism, conservatism,|Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill|of rule, dominion on rule scope | | | | |liberalism | |of governmental authority. | |Structuralism |Looks at interactions of |Structuralism did not last long |Phenomenology, Marxism, |Wilhem Whundt, Edward B Titchner|Language, Anthropology, social | | |elements or structures to build|past titchners death, |Show MoreRelatedLeopold Von Ranke972 Words   |  4 Pagesseries of critiques against the philosophy of history. He outlines several flaws in the methodology that he believes prevent it from accurately recreating the historical development of ideas, events, etc. To a large degree, Ranke himself avoids the most fundamental of these flaws while himself attempting to relate the history of Europ ean politics from Louis XIV through the fall of Napoleon. However, due largely to the complexity and demandingness of the historical discipline, Ranke’s work is itselfRead MorePHL 215 Version 6 Moral Social And Political Philosophy Matrix And Essay Parts 1 2 2 2993 Words   |  4 PagesPolitical Philosophy Matrix and Essay Part 1 Matrix: Analyze moral, social, and political philosophy by completing the following matrix. Provide a definition of the branch of philosophy as given in a philosophical source (the readings, supplemental materials, or outside academic sources) and list a minimum of three historical developments, theories, key contributors, and principal issues. Bullet point answers are acceptable. Field Definition Historical Developments Read MoreHistorical Development of Nursing Theory1514 Words   |  7 PagesHistorical Development of Nursing Science Tracy Thompson University of Phoenix Theoretical Foundations of Practice NUR/513 Mary Nicks December 07, 2012 Historical Development of Nursing Science The historical development of nursing may be traced back to Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale is known as the first nurse theorist, (George, 2011)Read MoreThe Impact Of Science And Philosophy Of Science Essay1336 Words   |  6 Pages Alan Francis Chalmers is an associate professor who works extensive in the history and philosophy of science (physical). Alan Chalmers has taught at the University of Sydney since 1971, first in the School of Philosophy, and from 1987 at the Unit for the History and Philosophy of Science. He attained a B.Sc. in physics at the University of Bristol, and his M.Sc. in physics from the University of Manchester. His Ph.D. on the electromagnetic theory of J.CRead MoreHistorical Development Nursing Timeline1331 Words   |  6 PagesHistorical Development of Nursing Timeline Christopher Vinson NUR/513 January 1, 2015 Historical Development of Nursing The historical development of nursing today is based upon the lives of many, their contributions, sacrifices and experiences. These things brought about renovations in patient care. Different ways of thinking led to research, theories and evidenced based practice. The importance of studying nursing history has led to overall progression of nursing as a profession. InRead MoreThe Teacher Centered Philosophies Of Education1098 Words   |  5 Pagessuch as math and science, writing and also reading. Teacher-centered philosophies of education require that children are educated using certain methods put into action by their teacher, as opposed to student-centered philosophies. Teaching methods are formed according to the needs and learning styles of individual students. Teacher-centered philosophies force the student to adjust to the teacher; with student-centered philosophies, the teacher adjusts to the student. An essentialist curriculum is structuredRead MoreHistorical Development of Nursing Timeline Essay1246 Words   |  5 PagesHistorical Development of Nursing Timeline Olga NUR/513 Historical Development of Nursing Timeline Nursing is an art and a science. This coexistence assists in the development and advancement of nursing to a higher level of professional practice. The art of nursing emphasizes interpersonal relationships between the nurse and the patient, empathy, and dedication to caring for a patient. The science is the foundation of nursing that guides nursing care based upon the latest scientific discoveriesRead MoreThe Effects of Economic Imperialism on Colonization in Canada516 Words   |  3 Pageseconomic philosophy. This has led to the ongoing contribution to the disposition of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Economic imperialism can be defined as the need for countries to expand their territories in order to collect resources from their colonies. This illustrates the inherent unsustainability of colonial settler society. In this essay I will look at how the impacts of economic imperialism has had an effect on the development of the indigenous peoples in Canada. A brief historical overvi ewRead MoreHistorical Materialism : Karl Marx Essay1186 Words   |  5 PagesHISTORICAL MATERIALISM Karl Marx, all through his life has been influenced by several philosophers. One of the most influential of them all was a German philosopher called Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel; We can clearly see that by looking at Mar’s early writings. Marx’s concept of historical materialism evolved from Hegel’s concept of trend in world history and Marx’s criticism on the presence of religion and idealism in Hegel’s philosophies. According to Hegel a person is not a human being withoutRead MoreEssay about historical theory850 Words   |  4 Pagesknowledge that comprise of frameworks, theory and paradigms. In order to understand nursing science, I will discuss the historical development and explain the relationship between nursing profession and nursing science. Also, I will discuss how other disciplines can influence nursing science. This will help understand how theoretical thinking has evolved. Theory development and theory thinking was first intiated by Florence Nightingale. She presented the first nursing theory, the environmental

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Who Is Lying to Us About College Essays Prof Readers Services?

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The Appeal of College Essays Prof Readers Services Before you finish working on your essay, you will have to make sure you have cited all your sources utilizing the suitable format. After you have gathered all your sources, you'll need to read them. Make certain you have cited all your sources. To be able to find support for your argument, you'll need to assemble various sources. The Number One Question You Must Ask for College Essays Prof Readers Services One, we apply an extremely careful range of our writers. Essaymama's Writing Blog provides interesting insights along with suggestions to help writers and internet users enhance their work. An article writing template can help you write fast-at the exact time targeting all the needed details which you need to provide your readers. Second, after you get a basic summary of the topic then hunt for published scholarship, using catalogs to discover scholarly books, and databases to locate scholarly journal articles. A well written essay ought to have a suitable introduction, appropriate division into paragraphs, a suitable maturation of the ideas discussed and an acceptable conclusion. Rather than attempting to discuss multiple characteristics of your argument within a paragraph, be sure each body paragraph focuses on a single element of your text. As you write different paragraphs in exactly the same format, remember that you always must place the main and most important information first. Every one of the body paragraphs of your writing is going to be filled with all the required evidence and processed diligently! What You Need to Know About College Essays Prof Reader s Services Your readers have already developed barriers against everything that isn't in sync with their own thinking or whatever is new. 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Concentration Camps Free Essays

Concentration camps were constructed for mass killings. Digging deeper into the methods of murder they used, there’s more to it than gas chambers, starvation, and overwork. The medical experiments were a major factor in the massive death toll in the concentration camps. We will write a custom essay sample on Concentration Camps or any similar topic only for you Order Now Today doctors strive to keep people healthy and alive. For Nazi doctors Joseph Mengele, Karl Clauberg, and Sigmund Rascherat, the ones responsible for countless deaths, that was not their number one priority. Nazi doctors in the concentration camps conducted inhumane experiments such as examining twins, sterilization of men and women, and the freezing of people. When prisoners arrived at the camps, they probably expected the worst. For the twins however, life in the camps wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. Twins were allowed to keep their hair and sometimes their clothes (, 4). Being a twin gave them a better chance of surviving (Lifton, 351). Even though the experiments were cruel and barbarous, they offered an escape from the harsh camp (Lifton, 354). Twins lived in special buildings, such as the medical blocks. Unlike normal prisoners, twins were able to move freely throughout camp. Within the blocks, the father of a set of twins would be assigned block chief (Lifton, 348). Young female twins were lucky in a way since their mother was allowed to stay with them. The reasoning behind this is, Joseph Mengele, the mad man behind these experiments, wanted them in stable mental and physical condition (Lifton, 349). No matter how healthy they were, nothing could prepare the twins for what was to come. The Nazi’s thought that twins were the key to discovering a way to quickly increase the German race. Doctors hoped to uncover the secret to multiple births (, 3). In order to conduct experiments, Mengele needed twins. He exploited easy access to twins at Auschwitz and was a fanatical figure in the selection (Lifton, 348). In 1944, 250 individual twins arrived in Birkenau (Lifton, 349). The selection process began with Mengele shouting, â€Å"Zwillinge heraus!†, which means twins in German. Once rounded up, they were each given a number sequence on their arm (Lifton, 348). Identical twins were the ones Mengele wished for the most, as they were his most treasured research objects (Lifton, 349). Although the experiments sound like Nazi’s tourtering prisoners without any medical knowledge, there was a method to the madness. Mengele’s method was based off of scientific training, Nazi ideology, and the peculiarities at Auschwitz’s setting (Lifton, 347). When twins were examined, they were examined together and naked (Lifton, 349-350). Measurements of every part of their body were taken (Remember,org, 4). Each session, ten cubic centimeters of blood were drawn and during the first examinations the family history of the twins was taken (Lifton, 350). Today we can look at an actual experiment performed on a set of identical Hungarian twins. Selection began in 1943 when three sets of twins arrived at Auschwitz. Dr. Mengele saw the Hungarian set and took them (, 4). They were 18 year old men and described as very handsome and athletic. Examination began right away with their heads, which took several days. Next photographs were taken to show hair growth. The most dangerous thing done to them while they were alive was being ventilated with gas. They coughed so severely, restraints were needed to hold them down. After the gas, they were placed into hot water up until the point of passing out and then all their hair was removed; more photographs were taken. The Hungarian twins were killed the same way as every other set that made it to the end of the experiments. A syringe of chloroform was injected into their hearts. Mengele was very careful to make sure the twins died at the exact same time. Once no longer alive, they were dissected and their organs were sent to the Institute of Biological Racial and Evolutionary Research Berlin (Remember. Org, 4). Dissection of the corpses was the last part of Mengele’s twin research (Lifton, 350). These experiments were drastic. Of the 1,000 pairs experimented on, only 200 pairs survived (, 3). Sadly, this was not the end of cruel Nazi medical experiments; sterilization of prisoners was also very important to the Germans. Sterilization: surgery to make a person unable to produce offspring. The main goal of sterilization was to discover a rapid, inexpensive, and unobtrusive method to wipe out Russians, Poles, Jews, and other races (Berenbaum, 347). Nazis hoped to sterilize millions with minimum time and effort (, 5). Even though a method already existed, surgical sterilization, doctors thought it was too slow and expensive. These experiments occurred in camps such as Auschwitz and Ravensbruck (Berenbaum, 247). There were mainly two doctors known for sterilization, Gebhardt and Clauberg. Gebhardt worked at Ravensbruck by the surgical method. The method Clauberg used was by an injection. Dr. Karl Clauberg conducted it on a large scale (Berenbaum, 348). He was the main man for sterilization (Lifton, 271). Although the doctors knew how they wanted to sterilize, a formula had to be developed. Since Dr. Clauberg was the head of these experiments, he developed his own formula, but he was very secretive about the substances he used. Researchers today assume he used formalin and novocain (Lifton, 271-272). Formalin is a clear watery solution of methanol used as a preservative. Novocain, also known as procaine, is a local anesthetic drug used as a sodium channel blocker. This impairs the conduction of sodium ions. This injection was done in three stages over a few months. Unfortunately, Clauberg used over 300 women over the course of his work (Lifton, 272). Not just women had to face the horrors of Dr. Clauberg, thousands of male Jews and Gypsies were sterilized at Auschwitz by injection. Later on, doctors discovered a brand new method, x rays. This way was effective, but castration would result. There were also dangers to other parts of the body if not covered by lead (Berenbaum, 348). Even though the Nazi doctor’s main goal was to sterilize, other issues occured. Thousands who were sterilized suffered excruciating mental and physical pain (, 5). Fever also overtook many victims. Some prisoners were very resistant but many feared what would happen if they were. Prisoners who resisted were sent to the gas chamber at Birkenau (Lifton, 272). Knowing each day what would be done to them by Clauberg caused them to be overcome with fear and anxiety (Lifton, 273). Of course sterilization was extremely painful and killed many people, but the freezing experiments were the most painful experiments the Nazi’s conducted. A problem Germany had during World War II was when their pilots in planes had to eject into the ocean, they would die from hypothermia. Nazi’s number one goal was to discover a way to treat frozen German pilots (, 2). These experiments were designed to simulate conditions on the eastern front and were conducted for the Nazi high command. Some camps had the perfect weather conditions; Birkenau, Dachau, and Auschwitz (, 2). Two methods used were an icy vat of water and using the sub-zero temperatures outside. Each experiment was divided into two parts. The first part, Sigmund established how long it took for body temperature to lower to death. During the second part he tried to find the best way to revive the frozen person. Through tests, Sigmund figured the icy vat method was the quickest way to drop body temperature (, 2). Before the prisoners were placed in the icy vat, they were either given an aviator suit or wore nothing at all. They were each in the vat for up to five hours at a time. Once their body temperature fell to 79.7 degrees fahrenheit, Sigmund would throw hot sleeping bags or use scalding baths to rewarm them ( The second method was conducted outdoors. Dr. Sigmund strapped prisoners to a stretcher and placed them outside. Auschwitz was one of the most ideal places for experiments outside because of the extreme winters. Eventually after suffering in the cold for hours, most victims lost consciousness and died once their body temperature dropped (, 2). Throughout the whole experiment, Dr. Sigmund was constantly measuring the changes in heart rate, body temperature, and muscles flexes (, 2). Although not many survived, there is a documented experiment done on two men. These men were both from Russia and once at the camp they were both sent to the icy vat. A long time after being submerged in the vat, neither of the men were losing consciousness. Realizing not much was happening, Dr. Sigmund lowered the temperature. Shortly after this, both of them passed away. Everyone apart of this experiment were shocked at how long they lasted (, 2). All in all, 80 to 100 people died due to these freezing experiments conducted in icy vats or in sub-zero temperatures ( doctors were ruthless and would’ve done anything for the name of science. No matter how many people they killed, they were determined to get rid of the Jews, Gypsies, and other races. Even examining masses of twins, attempting to sterilize millions of men and women, and pushing the human body to as cold as it could go. These medical experiments caused hundreds of deaths and gives the title doctor a dark background. 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Porter Model free essay sample

L. Rivalry: In the traditional economic model, competition among rival firms drives profits to zero. But competition is not perfect and firms are not unsophisticated passive price takers. Rather, firms strive for a competitive advantage over their rivals. The intensity of rivalry among firms is very large in case of Jewelry business. There are a lot of big brands and even small small Jewelers are present in the market. II. Threat Of Substitutes In Porters model, substitute products refer to products in other industries. To the conomist, a threat of substitutes exists when a products demand is affected by the price change of a substitute product. In general Jewelry falls under the category of apparels, all over the world. Additionally, in India, Jewelry is often looked as the option for investment rather than apparels. There are a lot of substitutes like equity, real estate, mutual funds, fixed deposits, etc. We will write a custom essay sample on Porter Model or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page are available for the target customer. Ill. Buyer Power The power of buyers is the impact that customers have on a producing industry. In eneral, when buyer power is strong, the relationship to the producing industry is near to what an economist terms a monopsony a market in which there are many suppliers and one buyer. Also for Tanishq customers, there is capacity for buying is different for different customers. Quality might be the USP of Tanishq. But, making charges of any Jewelry plays a vital decision in the process of buying from a particular supplier. IV. Supplier Power A producing industry requires raw materials labor, components, and other supplies. This requirement leads to buyer-supplier relationships between the industry and the firms that provide it the raw materials used to create products. Labour in person is a very crucial parameter in Jewelry industry. Also, the 80 to 90% of the selling price constitutes the cost of gold as a raw material. V. Barriers to Entry / Threat of Entry It is not only incumbent rivals that pose a threat to firms in an industry; the possibility that new firms may enter the industry also affects competition. Porter Model By sachinagni

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Catalog Shopping - Mail Order Homes and Stock Plans

Catalog Shopping - Mail Order Homes and Stock Plans Did your old house come in the mail? Between 1906 and 1940, thousands of North American homes were built according to plans sold by mail order companies such as Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Wards. Often the entire mail order house (in the form of labeled timbers) came via freight train. Other times, builders used local materials to construct homes according to the mail order catalog house plans. Today, catalog homes can be bought online. Stock plans are pre-drawn building plans that you can order from a catalog, magazine, or website. Most builders and developers offer a number of house plans in stock from which you may choose. Stock plans ordered through the mail or downloaded from a website may include floor plans, foundation plans, structural framing plans, electrical and plumbing plans, cross-section drawings, and elevation drawings. If you are not sure about your selection, you can usually obtain an inexpensive floor plan to review. However, you will need to buy the full set of plans before you can apply for a building permit and begin construction. Catalog house plans by Sears, Montgomery Wards, Aladdin, and other companies were widely distributed in the United States and Canada in what has generally been called pattern books. Where are those plans now? To find the original plans and to learn other important information about your mail order house, follow the steps listed below. Search for Written Records The neighbors may say your home was made by Sears, but they could be mistaken. Several other companies also sold house kits and house plans. To find out who made your house, check building permits, mortgage agreements, deeds, and other public records. Also look through scrapbooks, old correspondence, and ledgers to discover how old is your house. Look for Physical Clues Scout around in the cellar and attic for numbers or words stamped on joists and rafters. Also check your homes hardware and plumbing fixtures. You may be able to find trade names that will identify the manufacturer of your home. Keep in mind that the popular catalog houses were widely copied by local builders. Its easy to mistake a locally-made home for one designed by Sears or Wards. Use the process of architectural investigation. Browse  Online Catalogs Actual pages from historic house plan catalogs are reproduced on several websites. As you browse through these pages, remember that plans were often used for several years after they were first created. So, if your house was built in 1921, make sure to also browse plans for earlier years. Here are some good places to start: Mail Order House Plans  Index in  ThoughtCo.comSears Archives - Find catalog images and network with owners of Sears Mail Order houses. Browse Print Catalogs Cant find anything that resembles your house online? Dont give up. Browse through original or reproduction catalogs at your library or bookstore. Some catalogs even include construction information such as the type of woods to use. Here are a few reproduction Sears catalogs availalble from Small Houses of the Twenties, the Sears, Roebuck 1926 House Catalog. Construction information includes detailed illustrations of interiors and fixtures.  Sears, Roebuck Homebuilders Catalog  - The Complete Illustrated 1910 Edition. Well-illustrated with construction specifications.  Homes in a Box, Modern Homes from Sears Roebuck, Schiffer Publishing. Reproduction of Sears 1912 Modern Homes catalog.   Be Open-Minded Local builders and homeowners often customized mail order plans, adding porches, moving doors, and adapting details to accommodate personal tastes and needs. The mail order plans you find may not resemble your own home exactly. Study the Ads The catalog page for your mail order home will provide a wealth of information. Youll find the original retail price of the house and the types of materials used. Youll see floor plans and a simple drawing of the house. You might even find some construction details and specifications. Stock Plans Today Stock plans dont have to be from Sears, Roebuck and Company, although bungalows by mail were popular at the turn of the 20th century. Pre-drawn plans dont have to be manufactured built or prefab homes. These days, architects may make custom plans for a client and then put those plans on the market as stock plans. is one avenue for these architects. Does all this seem like a lot of work? You bet! But researching your mail order home is also fun and fascinating. Youll enjoy the journey, and along the way youre likely to meet friends who share your enthusiasm for older homes.  Good luck!

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Tip for a Great Holiday Season Dont Look at the Wall!!

Tip for a Great Holiday Season Dont Look at the Wall!! Heading for a Crash? You’ve probably had the experience of walking down the street and realizing someone is headed directly in a path directly toward you. You shift to the left. They shift to the left. You shift to the right. They shift to the right. Maybe, just maybe, you bump into each other. Why? Because you’re looking at each other! And humans are wired to head in the direction we’re looking. If you want to avoid running into that person, look AWAY from them, in the direction you decide to go! Famous entrepreneur Robert Herjavec was interviewed recently about business and race car driving. His advice, which has been passed down from race car driver to race car driver: Don’t Look at the Wall!! I try this trick on my bicycle when I realize I’m about to run over an inanimate object or hit a pothole. Often I fail to look where I want to go, instead concentrating on the obstacle. The result? A very bumpy ride. There are plenty of ways this metaphor can be applied to business (and maybe you thought that’s where I was going), but Thanksgiving is this week! So I thought I’d reflect on the way the â€Å"don’t look at the wall† rule applies to relationships and family. Changing Family Dynamics Is there one person in your family who tends to be disruptive or otherwise absorbing of attention? Are there moments when all energy goes toward that person instead of toward the connections between everyone else in the room? In those moments, you’re looking at the wall. What would happen if you remembered to look in a different direction? Perhaps you have a sticking point with a member of your family. Every time you see them, the same problem spot rears its head. What if instead you focused on where you want your relationship to be going? What if you identified and expressed what Drs. Bob and Judith Wright identify as universal human yearnings, such as to be loved, to be connected, to matter, and to be seen and heard? I’ve found that it makes a difference simply to acknowledge how things are now, and to talk about how you want things to be. I’ve been surprised with my own family that people I have conflicts or distance with want to work through our issues and get closer- just as much as I do. Heart of the Fight   If you have fights that are running you into walls, or if you want to move through your conflicts faster and with better results, you might like the most recent book by the above-mentioned authors: The Heart of the Fight. What a great time of year to learn how to fight productively! You can use these tools into the new year and beyond. This holiday season, can you be a good race car driver, diverting your eyes from the wall or from that sticking point you’re about to crash into? Can you keep your eye on the ball- the way you want your relationships to work, the love you want in your life, and the gratitude you want to express? Can you use your fights as a path toward intimacy? If so, I’m willing to bet you’ll win the race. Category:Life and LeadershipBy Brenda BernsteinNovember 23, 2015

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Water Pollution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Water Pollution - Essay Example Oxygen levels required to decompose this waste is called biological oxygen demand .a large amount of biological oxygen demand is required to decompose industrial wastes and because of their profit maximization motive the opt dispose in water to reduce cost of treatment. The wastes when directed to water bodies always have catastrophic effects on marine and human life. The second type of pollutant is excessive nutrition. This is common in agricultural where agricultural runoffs and non biodegradable detergents contaminate water. This facilitates growth of phytoplankton. The autophication process results in large dissolved oxygen from photosynthesis during the day and over utilization of oxygen for respiratory purposes during the night. This causes deficiency of oxygen in water leading to massive death of aquatic animals. Suspended solids are also another type of pollution in this 21st century. This is prevalent where land has been disturbed by plowing or excavation. Ground up wood fibers can also be classified in this category of suspended solid pollution. There are over 65000 industrial chemicals in use in the modern world .3-5 new chemical s enter the market every day .the major classes of chemicals which are harmful and find their way through to water sources are ammonia, petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides, and detergents.(Heath A.G,1995) Another type of water pollution is microbiological pollution. This is natural form of pollution caused by microorganisms. They include e bacteria, viruses and protozoa. They are the major cause of illness in human being and animals. (Canter w. L and knot 1985) Human activities have negative impact and contribute greatly in water pollution. Industrial waste form the largest percentage of water pollution .nuclear waste produced from industrial, medical and scientific process that use radioactive materials can be very harmful when they find they way to water